Deals & promos from Allergan (makers of botox)

  • Megan P
  • 2 years ago

Botox is expensive, and all who use it seem to be looking for ways to make it more affordable. Allergan seems to put out different promos & deals periodically so I thought we could all post the ones we hear about here. Hopefully we can help each other save a little money. :)


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I'm not sure if the promos Allergan runs are good across the entire country, or if they are specific to region. Until I find out, I will make sure to say this is what I have found in Seattle. Others can confirm if they have found the same promo, or something else in their area.

Until the end of April if you spend over $250 (I'm pretty sure that was the price point, it may have been $300) you will get a $50 instant rebate. You do have to be part of the Brilliant Distinctions program (think frequent flyer miles but for botox) but I'm a member already and was happy to get $50 off.

If you find out what the May promo will be, or any other upcoming promos from Allergan please post them!!