Help in dealing with depression and knowing I did right thing for TT

  • ValerieOhio
  • 3 years ago

Hello, my name is Valerie and I have two beautiful children.  I underwent a hysterectomy and TT last Friday, so I'm one week post-op.  I am having so much depression and sadness over what I have done.  I have good "moments" and then I just start feeling horrible about my decision and wonder if I did the right thing and if I'll ever feel like "myself" again.  My pain is "tolerable" but I can't stand to look at my stomach right now and I hate how "tight" it feels.  I'm actually missing my flap of extra skin that was my comfort zone for the last 13 years.  I have been doing a lot of praying and telling myself I need to stay positive, but it's very hard.  I have contemplated this surgery for years and finally decided to do it with the hysterectomy.  I wake up with sweats, and I have had an elevated slight fever, but my PS said that is normal and my body is going through a lot of changes right now (I did keep my ovaries, so I don't believe it has to do with the hysterectomy but don't know for sure).  I have been getting up and walking a couple times a day, but just feel so weak and lifeless right now.  That is definately not helping my depression.  I just wish I knew that I would/will feel like myself in the coming weeks.  Has anyone else felt like this or feeling like this right now?  I'm so glad I found this website.  I have been reading a lot and I hope I can some support/friendship throughout this. God bless - Valerie

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Hey there Valerie. I haven't had my TT yet, it's sched at the end of Jan but I did have a hysterectomy (kept my overies as well) at the end of last year after I found out I needed gallbladder surg and my OB said I should just do it at the same time. About 6 days po I just started crying, I really felt post partum about my missing uterus, I felt ridiculous! I had a lot of the same symptoms and emotions as you are feeling,it's normal, and I promise you'll be feeling back to normal very soon! :)
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Thanks Meliora... I looked at your pics and you look great! My results look good, but I'm not at a point where I have to come to terms with it yet and want to take pics, so bare with me. I hope to feel up to it eventually. I think a lot of mine is hormones from my hysterectomy, along with feeling like my "normal" life is gone. I have always struggled with bad depression, so I should have figured that I would be dealing with it... I think in my head I thought I would "bounce back" much quicker... don't know what I was thinking?! Along, with my oldest son is back at college the day I went in for surgery and he, along with our dog, our dog (he took the dog with him), so I'm super lonely. My daughter is in 8th grade during the day and I have a great boyfriend, but he lives about an hour away, so I just feel lost to say the least. He came last night and is here for a couple days to stay with me, but I still feel lonely. THanks for commenting and again, you look great!
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I'm just over a week PO, and although it seems like this recovery is so far away. a whole year before everything is settled... dang. I'm so happy. I can do it and so can you. How were your results? post some pictures, keep a blog. That's helped me a lot because I can see things getting better every day. and reading everyone else's stories have helped as well. The first week is the hardest, and we're done with that. just keeps getting better.
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Thank you so much Kimmers... your response lets me know there is "hope" after this traumatic experience I'm dealing with. I had a little better day today, but still down in the dumps by just sitting around and not having a lot to do. I think I will feel better when I can start driving again and getting to my children's events. What does protein help with? Not sure what to eat with lot of protein in it, other than meat. My daughter and I are getting ready to take a slow walk around the block, so I'll check back in later.
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You will be ok.  Just allow yourself to heal and pamper yourself.   A nice walk would be really good.  It really helps to get out in the sunshine and fresh air.

The protein helps your healing process.  Eat things like lean chicken, fish, turkey, low fat cottage cheese, yogurt or greek yogurt, string cheese, almonds, peanut butter, almond butter, ensure high protein shakes etc.

Let me know how you are doing. 

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Hi Valerie,

What you are going through is completely normal.  You are only one week out and your body has just been through some pretty big surgical trauma.  You will feel pretty sore, tight and zapped for the first 6 weeks.  

I promise you that it does get better each week so you only need to hang on.  Make sure that you are resting properly and eating healthy.  You want to have some really good protein in your body right now.  

I had times where I would cry for no reason and then others I was perfectly fine.  You will be swinging like a monkey from the trees for a while.  I cried at the Purina Puppy Chow Ads on TV...Ha so what does that tell you:)

The tightness is annoying but you really want tight with a tummy tuck.  That means your tummy is flat!  

Hang on and lean on all of the ladies here on RealSelf.  I promise they will help you through this recovery.  

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