8 days to Surgery SO Nervous

  • Roxyoh
  • CA
  • 2 years ago

32 yrs old; 5'2 120 lbs.  I have two kids and my breast surgery is in 8 days!  I was excited and now I am so nervous.  Am I making the right choice?  I am scared to alter my body and not be happy with the result. Chose 325cc silicone gel implants moderate plus under the muscle.  What if I am too big and look unproportioned??? Is it normal to question every detail a week before?    

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Yes, it's completely normal! Take deep breaths and try to keep your eyes on the prize. :) Remember why you're doing this. Some ladies find it helpful to take photos of their breasts and when you start doubting, look at your pics and it'll help you stay motivated.

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