4 days postop weight gain/bladder issues

  • cantwaitformytummytuck
  • 2 years ago

Had my tummy tuck four days ago. I weighed 155 and am 5'7 age 31. Doctor told my mom he removed 8 pounds off of me. I weigh 165 today and that seems like alot since I should actually weigh 147. I didn't know you could swell up to 18 pounds. Also having major bladder issue like feels like a bladder infection so I am up and down alot going to the bathroom not getting much out at a time. Any advice ?

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Awesome I want to hear how it goes for you. I will check that group out.
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Hope you are doing well. I am having mine next Thursday. You should check in on the December Tummy Tuck Group - several newbies like you and many more soon-to-bes.
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Updating my own discussion. Dr called me day 7 and asked me to come in to see if bladder was retaining. Tummy was huge and just a touch of someone I could feel it in my bladder. The dr put a catheter in me and drained 1.6 liters of urine from my bladder. Then sent me home with a catheter that I have to take out myself tomorrow and have to follow up with urologist on Monday. This retention of urine can happen sometimes when under anesthesia.
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