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5 days postop and afraid I have a dvt

  • Thistle1969
  • Newnan, GA
  • 2 years ago

My first post op check is tomorrow.  I had a full tummy tuck with lipo and a breast reduction.  My dr does his procedures without drains, using only compression garments.  I was sent home the same day, which I was glad for.  Due to the length of my procedures I had been told there was a chance I'd be kept overnight.  I actually ended up in the ER near my house that evening because there was quite a good deal of seepage and my garments and bandaging and foam were all damp.  Turns out when no drains this is normal.  I started to feel very constricted though, and with my drs permission pulled out the layer of foam between my two surgical garments.  The next morning I ended up in his office because my garments were so tight my pulse was pounding in my neck, my feet and legs were bluish white, and my body was burning.  He took my garments off and released all the tape underneath, which made me feel a little better.  I was sent home.  All this car riding and moving around was rough.  Once home I quickly came to realize that my surgical garments were simply too tight.  My feet were still blue and I was so uuncomfortable I wanted to cry.  I took it upon myself to switch to my own garment which is just a high waisted shorts format and no where near as tight.  I have been going back and forth between that and just soft stretchy high waisted underwear.  I know I am not following the rules, but there is no way those torture devices that turned my feet blue and numb and made my body burn were good for me.  I have switched from lortab to tramadol.  Not huge amounts of pain.  Discomfort and pulling.  I am very tight.  Almost no pain at all from breasts.  Now getting to my concern which I am going to bring up to dr at post op check tomorrow.  With all that went on with my garments and bluish, numb legs and feet, since yesterday, especially when I'm getting out of bed after laying for a while,  I get a pulling, searing pain in the back of my knee that zings up and down from there, especially when I flex my foot.  No redness or swelling that I can see, but very disturbing nevertheless.  I am so afraid I have developed a blood clot in my leg.  Please send me luck.  I am a little scared.