5 Days Post Op

  • Jiggleless
  • 1 year ago

I think it was worth it?!  I am on one leg (I broke the other) and figured it was the best time to do what I've been yearning to do for 10 years since I'm already stuck laying around and not all over the place like I usually am during summer.  Getting around, standing up, and depending on others has been a big challenge for me.  My husband made a comment that this "wasn't hot" and while I know he was joking, it was hard to hear when I feel so miserable and spend so much time wondering if this was worth the money and pain.  There's so much more I could have done with the money but every day I would get dressed and see the bulge of skin sagging there, as I thought about the 8 hours a week I worked out intensely, and I hated myself.  I hope to wake up in a week or so and be glad I went through with it.  My new fear is that laying here is going to make me turn to mush and I'll be right back at square one.