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What NOT to do 5 days post op

  • APMama
  • Denver, CO
  • 3 years ago

Walk two miles to get some ice cream and then watch Hall Pass.  OMG.  My poor abs. 

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Oh I watched Hall Pass my first week too!!! It was worth the pain.
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Kimmers, it was sooo good! But I did overestimate what I was able to do. Being stuck in the house stinks.
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Yes it stinks big  time.  I was like a caged rat after five days. 

It does you good to get out but probably not walking two miles.  Although I have to say I understand!  I would walk 10 miles for ice cream:)

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Oh girlie that is not so good.  I sure hope the ice cream was really really good :)

Kick those feet up and relax.  Make someone bring the ice cream to you next time.  Milk that out for at least the next 5 weeks.

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