Three days post op

  • Katie C
  • Cyprus
  • 3 years ago

Hi again, So I did it, Went in on Wednesday morning and by three o clock that afternoon I was done!! I can honestly say that the day of the op and the day after were the worse, as i experienced nausea, which I can not handle very well. Once the nausea was gone , I can say it has been fine since then. Because of the nausea and discomfort of the anesthetic, I did ask myself, What the hell did I just do?? Day 3 and 4 have been bliss!! not much pain..Ok my muscles hurt a bit when i try to get up..I am walking around. I honestly can not believe that I am so well. I was soo afraid of the pain and I think that I actually prepared myself for the worst. I have been very pleasantly surprised. Doing well Katie C.