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5 days post op TT and lipo

  • Calif Mom
  • 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm 5 days post op for TT and lipo of my flanks. As I've mentioned in other posts, Ive been worried this was a bad decision, don't need to do it, etc. but I'm already feeling good about this. I qwas very nervous in pre-op and probably would have walked out if I hadn't already paid!!! The surgery went well, it started around 11:30am. I don't remember a thing after getting into the OR and talking to one of the nurses. I ended up paying to stay at an aftercare facility and I'm so glad I did! It took a lot of stress off my husband and I was glad my little kids didn't see me that first night and to let someone who knew what they were doing take care of me. I woke up around 6am the next day ....( The is the first that I remember anything-I'm a lightweight with anesthesia!!) with some pain but nothing major and it went away when I took my meds.  I've been diligent about taking my meds to stay in front of the pain so I'm feeling pretty good. The worst things for me are the back pain from being bent over and the drains are really annoying. I'm hoping the drains come out in the next few days. Every day I am standing a little taller and hopefully my back will start to feel better. I haven't peeked much at my scars because I don't want to get grossed out but they don't seem so bad, I had visions of looking like frankenstein! I'm very anxious to take a shower, my doctor doesn't want me to take one until the drains come out, so I've gotten creative with washing my hair in the sink and using lots of baby wipes to freshen up. I like the support the binder is giving me but I wear a tank top under it because it's itchy which then makes me hot. Overall, I'm doing pretty well and have my fingers crossed that the next week continues to go smoothly. Good luck to all of you - so far recovery is not nearly as bad as I had anticipated!!!