2 days post op... will I be ready to go back to work?

  • JL in Texas
  • Keller, TX
  • 2 years ago

I just had my reduction on Monday. Other than my chest, I feel fine. In other words, I think that all the side effects from the anesthesia have pretty much worn off. I was lucky that I felt a lot more myself yesterday and pretty much normal today, maybe a little bit less strength than usual. But... OUCH! I wouldn't say that the pain is intolerable. In fact I stopped taking the hydrocodone he perscribed. That stuff makes me nauseated and it didn't help enough to make it worth it. So for now, I am just taking Tylenol. I am still VERY sore though. I'm 5'4", 170 lbs (or WAS), and I beleive I was somewhere around a DDD, maybe more? The doctor said he took off nearly 1000 grams per side! I thought that was a REALLY large amount to take off. I'm wondering what size I will be when I'm done? I had wanted a C cup, and now I wonder if that is even going to happen. But I feel bruised, sore, an occasionally I feel a sharp pain, like a stitch is being tugged. My reach is much smaller, due to the pain. I have drains that I don't get taken out till next Monday :-(. My plan is to go back to work next Wednesday, at which point I will be 9 days post op. I have an office job where I sit around all day. I'm wondering if I can do this? The way I am feeling now, I would say I would have to feel a LOT better to go back to work. I hope that getting the drains taken out, and also maybe the bra that they put on me (which feels rather tight), will make a big difference, as well as another week of healing.   Can anyone who has had this done tell me if there is a pretty big difference between how you feel on day two vs. day nine?

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