3 Days post op. opinion please !!!

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  • 1 year ago

I had a partial hysterectomy with tummy tuck and 425cc silicone I plants.  Please give me your opinion how it looks for 3 days. I feel my implants are little far apart. What do you think ? Btw I am half siting and hv laying down in hospital bed. Thank you

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I think you look great! My ps said and continues to tell me at 4 wks po to expect changes for up to ONE YEAR!!! One day a implant can be lower then the other, to the left your tummy will be swollen (we call this swell hell), Your hormones are going to go crazy!!! Just be patient!! It's like a piccasso painting that turns into a renoir!!! Try to be easy on yourself and if you have any concerns call your ps!!! Use this site also!!! Happy healing!!!!
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