9 Days post op! Drain output still too high to come out :(

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  • 1 year ago

I'm feeling blue today. The drains are just old already.  I have a post op tomorrow.  One will come out for sure (it's putting out about 14cc in a 24 hour period) but the other is still up over 50cc.   Better out than in I suppose.  I'm feeling down though.  I have 5 more days off from work before returning light duty.  Can't shower until they are out! Sponge bathing is old already also! lol I'm good though. I have no pain, haven't had any pain since day 1, and it was minimal on day 1.  Never took painkillers.  The only real pain I've had is pain in my lower back from being in this position.  I feel great otherwise.  Getting up and down is a bit of a drag but BEING up or down is fine.  I'm not complaining, just venting I guess.  Has anyone here seen a large drop in output in a short period of time? I wonder if a few more days it has the chance to be low enough to come out.  My PS wants to see below 20cc .... I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair.  Hoping someone else had a drain drop from 50cc to 25cc overnight somewhere along the way in their recovery :) 

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day 15 drain FREE finally!!!! Thank you god!!!! Back to work tomorrow! UGH! Just got my stage 2 compression garment from makemeheal.com and WOW it's like a dream come true! I'm REALLY ready for work now.... I was so uncertain.... this garment is amazing and I'm going to order another one!!!! I got the one with the long leg. I don't want to get cut off mid thigh, and I hate the idea of something sitting anywhere in that general area like the legless ones. . I just want to be squeezed. and this one is just absolutely perfect!!! http://www.makemeheal.com/mmh/product.do?id=93616
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Awesome! Take it easy at work! I was crazy and started working a few hours a day at 7 days post op. It HURT!!!!
Yay, maybe soon! My PS was 80-90 miles away....it was rough the first few weeks, because he follows patients really closely. I was in there three days a week at first. Oddly, I kind of missed the attention when it was over! I am a nut
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I would have loved to see mine as often. I only went to my first preOp visit on day 10. I spent one night in the hospital just for comfort, saw the surgeon that night. He followed up on the phone but I would have had more peace of mind had I seen him a couple of times along the way. I guess I gave him no reason to think I needed to go there? Oh well. I hve my appointment for 9:30 tomorrow to have the drain out. I insisted on the appt. lol If there is any kind of increase by the time i wake up in the morning, I have to reschedule ... I'm feeling super confident that I'm good to go!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!
Nice! I hope the output stays low for you! I had a seroma so that was part of the reason for some of the visits, but even before that, he saw me at one and two days post op, then six days, ten says, it was crazy!
Hang in there! My output dropped off pretty fast, and mine were removed at 6dpo, but I ended up developing a seroma a few weeks later! The drains can help prevent that. I know it is frustrating though. I thought the drain really hurt at the insertion site, too, where it pulled on the skin.
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I'm hanging! :) I had a sudden drop!!!! From avg 46cc in 24 hours to 26cc! Woooo Hooooo .... then the next 24 hours showed 24cc!! My doc won't remove it until I hit 20 but I'm hopeful that a couple more days will do the trick! The drain that came out already, was sore where it came out so it feels amazing to be gone! Mine are at the hips, right at the end of the incision. Can't wait to feel the freedom!!!
Good luck! That placement sounds good. I had a pain pump on one side of the middle of the incision and my drain on the other...he said it was so it could hide in your panties but there is no hiding those things! Ifelt it was very awkward to move around, and I didn't like leaking drains so close to my girlie parts...made me feel like I had a leaky tampon or something! Drains are so undignified; I hope nofuture surgeries will require them for either of us!
I hear you! I feel bad for those with center placement on the drains. I'm so glad I didn't get them there! They're tough enough way over to the hips! If I could redesign a little (ha!) I would ask that the tube wasn't quite so long? I have about 30 inches from site to grenade.... and that the grenade be maybe half that size that it is? I have no problem emptying it. Does it need to be so big? Hard to try to hide it! I feel like a prisoner to my drain! lol I've seen many people with a pain pump. I never heard of one until I read it here. I'm fortunate to not have had any pain.
You are so lucky not to have any pain! You must be Superwoman. I honestly wanted to die for the first week or so. Well, really not because I took painkillers every four hours, but without those I was in crazy pain. I actually had to go on blood pressure meds short term because the pain made my blood pressure sky rocket! I am not good at handling pain at all. You are right...I wonder why the drains have to have so much tubing? Hmmm.
I was feeling like superwoman for a while there! lol The drains having an extended stay in my belly knocked me down a few notches. I can't have it all right? This morning (Tues) I woke up to only 5cc in the past 12 hours! I'm going to call and see if they'll just get me in there tomorrow to get this out! My doc is 50 miles away!