Four Days Post Op........

  • Kimmie4
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 3 years ago

Hmmmm......First of all,I am so excited to have found this forum...I must say I am feeling a little ~SIGH~ worried about the recovery period.It is now Friday and I'm...let's just say "Ouch"....any hints on recovery?I can't take my pain meds because they cause vomiting...Your insight is so uplifting.

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Hi Kimmie4,

Have you called the doctor and asked for a different pain med?  There must be something you could take that would not make you sick.  Were you eating prior to taking your meds?  Toast and milk are good...

You need to have pain relief in order to be able to relax and heal properly.

Give your doctor a call and see if he/she can prescribe something else.