3 days post-BL without implants and worried about results

  • Mia_G
  • 2 years ago

I had Grade IV ptosis and was a 34F before my breast lift without implants three days ago.  My PS and I talked about going down to a D-cup.  Today I removed all my bandages and was very distressed as I look more like a small C cup.  He didn't remove any tissue -- just a lot of drooping skin.  Is it likely I'll get even smaller when the swelling subsides?    If I had known this, I would have considered implants.   I have absolutely no upper pole fullness, which he had warned me about and wonder if this also contributes to the smallness of the cup size?

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Hi there! I'm sorry you're not happy with what you see at the moment. Give yourself time to heal more and adjust to your new look. You may come to love it. I think a C sounds just about perfect. Upper pole fullness is hard to come by without implants (and is very much not a natural phenomena unless you're a teenager or twenty something). As the doctors on RealSelf say, please try not to dwell on cup sizes, but focus on how your breasts fit with the rest of your body. I bet a perky C is beautiful!