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3 days after tummy tuck . a few questions

  • ArturoB
  • Plano, TX
  • 3 years ago

I had my tummy tuck 3 days ago. Apparently all went well. I'm in absolutely no pain from the surgery. There are three  things bothering me, though. First is a numbness at the left tight. Depending how I move I feel a deep pain at this same tight. At the hospital the doctor said it might be caused by the anesthesia needle hitting some nerve. Yesterday, when I changed the bandages I've noticed it was pressing a nerve at the top of my leg which was causing the pain in my tight. Have any of you gone through something like that? Will it go away? Also since the beginning of day 2 my groin was swelling a big deal but today it's pretty worse. My scrotum is almost black. I've called the doctor and he said it's normal, but I doesn't look good. Finally, the first day I came home I went to the bathroom but couldn't urinate. I returned to the bed, and felt bad in the way. I've decided to sit and then I blacked out, urinated myself and woke up 3 minutes later. Doctor said it was due to getting up to fast causing my pressure to drop. Have any of you experienced something like this before?