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3rd days after my tt and I have more pain on my back than my tummy

  • Mystic rose
  • San Francisco, Ca
  • 3 years ago

Can someone let me know if I can take Carisoprodol (muscle relaxer) for my back pain? The pain on my back is driving me crazy.

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Hey Mystic Rose,

Wondering how you are doing? You up and about and all better??
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Give your doctor a call and ask about taking this.  It would depend on what other medications you are currently taking.  You do not want to have an negative side effects from mixing with other medications.

Talk to your doctor and let him know what is going on and he/she will guide you.

You could also try alternating heat and ice along with light massage on the lower back.

The back pain will ease up as you go through the healing process but it just takes time.  Miserable I know...hang in there.
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