Day 1 Post op

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Okay fellow TT this is only day 1 but I'm feeling good.  Is this the honey moon phase.  I'm able to move around without help.  The pain is at a minimum and I'm trying to stay on top of pain meds.  I'm truly blessed for my prior experiences...several surgeries dealing with the stomach area.  I've slept on and off today, but my phone kept  ringing.  I'm hoping this journey continues like this.  I haven't looked at my tummy but I have looked at my va jay jay and it has been LIFTED...didn't expect this.  I'll try to take pics but my caretaker is not playing with me and this  Okay, ladies be blessed and ttys.  Oh and I only have one drain. Anyone else have one drain only?

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Wow! That's awesome!!! I just hope I'm like you! I go in on 8/1.
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No pain pump at all! I'm very blessed to be able to say the only issue I've had is the tightness sensation near my thighs. This day 3 po for me. I hope I've been a help just like the other gals have been for me. I can't wait to see my results on Monday. I've dwindled down on my pain meds. I was taking 2 at a time but now down to 1 every 4-6 hours. I've read also that the first 3-4 days were the worst. I'm praying this honeymoon phases
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Wow! Day one and you are ok with the pain? That's wonderful. I keep reading that the first 48-72 hours are the worst for pain and it subsides after that. Do you have a pain pump? My PS uses only one drain so I am looking forward to reading how that works for you. My procedure is 5 weeks away (Aug. 17th) and I am so excited. I love reading everyone's story, like yours, so I can follow your experiences and know what to expect (somewhat). God bless and happy healing!
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