Day 8 post Fraxel Re:pair

  • I was burned
  • Port Charlotte Fl
  • 2 years ago

I am 8 days post Fraxel Re:pair surgery and have 3 red verticle "lines" that are raised on my right cheek - other than everything is starting to look back to normal (recovery was longer than I expected) My procedure was performed by a licensed (fabulous) dermatologist.   Does anyone know what might be causing this?   I have been 100% faithful with my vinegar washes and Aquaphor usage!

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It is now 2 plus weeks post Fraxel, and I am VERY PLEASED with the results! The lines dissappeared and my cheeks are looking better every day!
I'm glad to hear the lines went away. I had fraxel done 4 days ago and have red lines down both sides of my face. Thanks for sharing, I feel a little encouraged!