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Day 3 don't have CG yet. Does it help with movement?

  • 4kidsmama
  • Kailua, HI
  • 1 year ago

My ps doesn't use the CG right away because he found some patients get necrosis from cutting off blood supply so early. My question is does the garment give support when moving? Especially when getting in and out of bed?  This has been really hard and I'm hoping the CG will help.  Thanks!

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Just had my TT today and I have NOTHING on except bandages. He said something out far cells and skin dying.. Idk. But I'm getting around and tomorrow ill get a binder. So no CG for me. In a few weeks ill go in a stage 2 though.
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My PS doesn't do a CG at all, just a binder, for the same reason. I have done fine without, and by the end of week one, I was almost fully upright.
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Yes, it helps quite a bit. I was in a CG right out of the hospital and can't imagine not having it.
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Hi I just had a scar revision full opening and lowering of original TT and I don't have a CG on but when I had my FTT w/MR I had the CG from day 1 and I do think it helped it kind of feels like an extra layer of protection and you will actually feel funny when you take it off to shower etc. You will feel more supported and snug in your CG when your surgeon gives you one and movement will be easier. Best of luck with your healing :)
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