1st day of all liquid meals pre-op

  • blessednhighlyfavored
  • New York, NY
  • 10 months ago

Hello all, i am having my gastric sleeve surgery on 12.18.13 in 2 weeks.....yayyyy i'm so happy. Today is my first day of starting my all liquid diet for 2wks and i wanted to know what kind of things should i be drinking other than my daily protein shakes. Do i have to drink clear broths orcan i have fruit smoothies? Any help and advise will be greatly apappreciated. Thanks.

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Hi there, welcome!

Congratulations on setting your date, it won't be long now!

Usually the all liquid diet is only things, such as: protein shakes, sugar-free jello, sugar-free drinks (Crystal Light) and clear broths. Fruit is high in carbs, which is what the diet is trying to reduce, so they don't usually want you having any fruit.

Good luck! :-)