Day 17 after Tummy Tuck

  • flatat45
  • 2 years ago

I am a little sad and not sure if I am the only one feeling like this on day 17 after the surgery. I thought by now,  I would be at least 90% healed, but instead I am feeling so overwhelmed, uncomforbable with that  24/7 and constant discomfort. It seems like I am still very swollen, when I sit down for long periods of time and stand up I feel like I have to move so slow. I am unable to rest at night in any other position, but face up with two pillows under my head and two pillows under my knees, yes, still,  I also had to go to the doctor yesterday because it looks like some of the inscision open a little bit, since I went out this weekend to see my daughter play at an all weekend soccer tournamet and it was very hot and hummed outside. The scab of the incision stuck to the Spanx and it peeled off, causing the incision to bleed a little.  I am back on antibiotics for the next 10 days. I have been adviced by my doctor to not wear anything that will press against the incsion, so no Spanx. I question should I be using something else, he said nothing.  When I look in the mirror,  I do see my new beautiful flat belly, still swollen, I really hope the swelling goes down completely, to be able to compare the before and after results.    Please give me words of advice based on your knowledge and experience.    

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I felt the same way...i am 8 weeks out and my muscles are still tight they hurt when I laugh, cough, sometimes when I just move wrong...I thought i was going back to work in 3 weeks...nope its been 2 months and i go back in 2 days. I was told my muscles may take up to 6 months for a complete healing:) BUT I AM HAPPY WITH MY NEW BODY! Its funny how we go into this knowing there can be comlications but never think they will happen to us...I was one who thought that way. Sometimes I would just cry in the shower. Be strong you will be fine, hopefully sooner than later!
sorry to hear you are not feeling well BUT that's the reason why you need to rest even if you feel good ( not trying to be mean please) I'm almost 5 months and still feel like crap sometimes, when I was 4 wks post op I had to get rid of my recliner (I rented one) and oh boy!! I had to sleep with lots of pillows and make it like a recliner over it in my bed, I couldn't sleep laying down not until maybe week 7 or 8, don't rush PLEASE!!! from now on take it easy YES is frustrating but it gets better, I'm a bad patient and did what i thought it was best for me, so if you think you need to put back your cg or binder do so BUT like Kimmers said wear something under it na d make sure is not putting too much pressure on the incision...good luck!!!

You need to hang in there.  You will have swelling for a while and it will come and go from morning to night.  The first 6 weeks are the worst and your body will heal at it's own pace.  My swelling lasted weeks/months but it does go away.   At this point do what ever makes you most comfortable.  Rest, ice, meds, etc.   Also watch your sodium intake and drink plenty of water.  


Try wearing a long, soft cotton tank under the garment or spanx.  That will give you a little barrier between your skin and the garment.  

Just hang in there and know you will heal.

Hugs coming your way.