A day to go.

  • Aitchcov
  • 3 years ago

Monday evening and my op is set for Wednesday. Cant settle, hungry but dont know what to eat.  Could just have a cigarette if I hadnt given up.   Have sorted pillows, and books and dressing gown.  Only 7.30 so cant go to bed yet. Scared about anaesthetic, pain, sleeping upright during recovery, not healing properly, not liking the result.......etc. Help, am I going mad?!

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Your pictures were great! A nice timeline of your progress. Thanks for posting them. And I'm so glad you are feeling better and life is getting back to normal.
Hi Aitchcov. How are you doing? Hope all is going well for you!
Finally sorted out and posted my pictures. thanks for prompting me, I feel much better because of it.
Plus healing complete now, just sit back and watch the shape change now!
Well it is Thursday pm now and I got home this morning. Done lots of sleeping but not very comfortable. No pain but just feel the bra is too tight across the bruises. Has to be firm to keep everything in place I guess.
A bit of oozing yesterday but all seems to be dry today.
Stomach feels very bloated so may take some Senna tonight and hopefully that will ease things in the morning.
Also my neck is aching so not sure if that is from sleeping in a strange position or what!
Ah well off to sleep in my own bed, with pert boobs, cant be bad!
I think everything with pert boobs has to be better :-)

Glad to hear you are home! Hope you are doing well and continue with a smooth recovery and are able to get a comfortable, restful sleep.

Please keep us updated. You will be in my thoughts!

Glad you are home and resting.

Keep on top of the pain meds, take some Milk of Magnesia to get everything flowing again.  You definitely don't want to get bloated and miserable from that. 

I also had a sore neck and using a neck pillow helped.  Ice packs also help.

You want the bra firm and snug but not so tight that it hurts. 

Well, have hibiscrubbed and am off to bed. Surgery set for 10.30 am tomorrow so will be at the hospital for 7.30.
Have book and OK magazine to while away the time.

Not sure I will sleep tonight.

That's ok because you will have plenty of sleep tomorrow:)

You are going to do wonderful!

Good luck! Wishing you all the best. Will be anxious to hear how it goes for you as I'm waiting for my date to approach.

LOL...no you are not going mad.  It is pre op jitters and we all go through this. 

You will do just beautifully and be home and recovering before you know it.   I will be thinking about you and sending happy healing thoughts your way this week. 

Keep us updated!