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Scheduled Feb 2013 with Dr. Salama: Need An Earlier Date - Can Anyone Swap?

  • FLUNA21
  • Bronx, NY
  • 1 year ago

So, I basically have free time from now to Dec once Jan comes I start my nursing school and then thats it for me until 2015. Meaning I will have to wait until then which is horrible. So if anyone want to switch and do a good deed hit me up....

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would you like to switch to 20 november?
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would you like to switch for a jan 10th date
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Omg I can't wait. October 22nd is my phone consultation
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this is old lol I did end up with Dr. Jimerson, actually I spoke to him yesterday and I must say he is such a down to earth person and confident of himself. He asure me he is going to hook me up like 10 million times lol. He is the one.
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So you didn't end up with Jimerson?
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