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Damaged muscle and hernia repair at 9 weeks post op?

  • rosie1970
  • 2 years ago

Hi all, I am 9 weeks post full tt with muscle and hernia repair, and I think I may have damaged my muscle/hernia repair by trying to deal with my 5 yr old son who was throwing a tanty (he dropped to the floor while I was holding his arm and it caused me to twist and get pulled down quickly). I now have a burning pain just above and to the left of my belly button and my tummy seems bigger. I am so worried that I have stuffed up all of my muscle repair because I couldn't bear to go through that again!! Is it likely that this is the case after 9 weeks? Has anyone else had an experience like this? What can the plastic surgeon do if you have damaged the repair - do they go in via a laproscopy and repair it ?  Has anyone had a re-repair of the muscle? I think my tummy looked bigger prior to this happening anyway, and wondered if this is normal too. It was so flat to begin with, but maybe the pain was causing me to hold it in more, and now that it has been feeling better I"m letting it all hang out! ? p.s. tried taking a photo but nothing of any use showed up in it so I decided not to post CHeers, Rose

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I hope it is just swelling. I'm noticing bulges and a lot of soreness now too, but I think ripping a stitch at this point (I'm only 7.5 weeks) is unlikely. I tried to give myself some peace of mind by laying on the floor and feeling for muscle separation. Couldn't feel anything. Hopefully you too are just feeling swelling due to using your muscles for the first time in a while. I'm crossing my fingers that that is it, but you should go visit your PS for his/her opinion. I think some say you need a CT scan to see, but I would assume a surgeon can make a pretty good guess. Good luck!
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Thank you for your kind thoughts - I think it is ok now .. plus I did what you did and felt for the muscle separation, and there wasn't any, so I guess the stitching has held. I think I need to rebuild my muscles and I've been using the tupler technique for a few days - it seems to be improving. No more heavy lifting or anything for me for a while though!!
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