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Daily Accountability for Keeping Off the Weight

  • cwgrlup640
  • Omaha,Nebraska
  • 2 years ago

  As I am sure we all know weight loss is a never ending battle and that a TT is not weight loss surgery.   I have read many saying they have put on a few pounds after their surgery.  Well I am right there with ya.  I have gained 6 lbs since my surgery on Nov. 17, 2011, and I think it would be great to have a forum to come to, to check with others in the same situation for advise, support, encouragement and praise the one thing we never seem to give our selves enough of.    So let me start...   Like I said I have gained 6 lbs since my surgery (Nov. 17, 2001).  I had every intention on dropping an additional 5-10lbs after surgery.  And it is just not happening.  I am a Jenny Craig dieter and I sat down with my consultant yesterday (7-23-12) and I made a plan with her help and will be weighing in weekly to loose 16lbs now rather than 5-10.  My plan consists of a planned menu foods provided by Jenny Craig and a fitness routine.  I love the structure and support of the Jenny Craig program and think that is why it works for me, I know it's not for everyone but I need the structure and the food is really good which is a plus:)  Today is my first day on the plan and so far so good (except I forgot to take my morning medications).    I hope more of you find this forum and join me in a life time journey!!!

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I'm up 5 pounds but it's also 5 pounds of swelling, which is not uncommon at all. I'm not worried about it. I'm eating normal, healthy portions/food- cant fight the bodies response to surgery either.
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I am 3 weeks PO and in recovery mode dieting is a no no. I got this little idea in my head that I was now due a reward since my abs are now flat.
I read somewhere around here that gaining weight is not a pleasant experience.

I downloaded a calorie counting app called MyFitnessPal. I also like the wrist band device from NIKE which I will use when I can exercise at full tilt again. The calorie app on my phone really keeps me focused on where I am. There is no room on my body right now for an extra 10 pounds. Weight gain after TT looks really weird since it muffin tops above the incision, stretching the skin again.
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Happy Friday all!!!

It has been a great week no bumps in the road and I have stuck to my meal plan to a T.
I was a bit worried yesterday I had lunch with a friend and we went to Subway and I was very proud of my self I got the veggie salad with their vinigar as my dressing and was very satisfied when I was finished. We have a dinner tonight and I think I am going to eat my meal before we go and get the dinner there and give it to my hubby or take a container and take home so he can have it for lunch tomorrow.
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Check us out over at the 90 day challenge for pre-op. I haven't yet had my tt but I would suggest the ladies know their body fat going in and not go in under-fat. I would also suggest they get the weight of the skin removed and or lipo ed.
Studies do show the weight will come back if you don't do preventive measures, however and this is just my opinion in women that are not menopausal the body strives to maintain a certain level of body fat percentage for child birth.

There is an ongoing discussion in the lipo forum that points to several studies with good info.

I think tt is a wonderful tool to start with. I had 3 c sections the first being an emergency section that left my tummy in a mess. I thank GOD for the surgeons' skill to save my babies and me...'cause back in the day not so long ago I would have died. Now that my kids are grown I now have the opportunity to repair the damage and trade an ugly scar to one hopefully not so bad.
I'm 54 will be 55 and not trying to show my body but I'm enjoying exercising and this next phase in life.
Good luck ladies and keep going!!!
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