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Crowns, extractions, and Invisalign

  • BVB12
  • 2 years ago

I am going for my first consultation next week. I have several crowns and was advised by my dentist that, if I am a candidate for Invisalign, my crowns may pop off during the straightening process. Has anyone had experience with this?  Also my teeth are crowded probably due to crowns and wisdom teeth still on one side. Has anyone had to have extractions prior to starting Invisalign?  Thanks!! Good luck to everyone.

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I have 2crowns and no problem so far.
I don't have any crowns, but I have had extractions prior to starting Invisalign. I had such overcrowding on both top and bottom that I need to have four teeth pulled - essentially all my pre-molars (the tooth right behind your canine). I have a severe phobia of needles that causes me to stop breathing and pass out, or worse. As such I opted for what's called "conscious sedation". I can't say enough good things about it! I took a small pill to help me sleep the night before my process and brought two other prescriptions with me to my appointment. I took four pills under the dentist's instructions and spoke with the nice hygienist for about fifteen minutes. The doctor came back, gave me on more pill, and POOF! It's the last thing I remember for about a span of four to five hours. I was apparently awake and interacting the whole time, but a little silly. Apparently I let the dentist use needles to numb me up and was very compliant and relaxed according to my fiance who observed the procedure. I had to be babysat for the time that the medications made me unaware of my surroundings, obviously, but it was well worth it.
Crowns do not come off with Invisalign unless the cement is failing and the crowns could come off with a toffee as well. I once pulled off a crown whilst doing an impression; i cleaned it up and recemented it back. It never came off again during the whole process. Crowns do not cause crowding either. Extractions are necessary for any orthodontic procedure where there is just not enough space, usually severe crowding.

Hopefully some community members who have had first hand experience with these things will be able to jump on and share, but here is some info that you might find helpful in the meantime:

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