Crown VS veneers

  • Kelsey7
  • 1 year ago

When I was 20 yrs old, I broke my 2 front teeth about 75%out of my mouth 3 yrs ago. I have had temp. bonding since then but I would like to get permanent work done now. I am living in korea and I have been seen by 2 korean doctors here, 1 said I should only get a crown because veneers would look ugly and the other said that I would be fine using either crowns or veneers. What is the best option? Why would veneers look bad on my teeth? What material should I use? Common materials in the USA I can request? 

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I have very bad teeth, including mostly crowns and caps. I just wanted to say, that my dentist the genius, sandblasted the front ones, and lightened them (aka, removed years of coffee or whatever, maybe just time stains?) . It was expensive, and it worked. I am smiling for the first time in years. So yes, fake teeth can be lightened, by a dentist. Who is a genius, like mine.
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I always love to see when people come on and are doing their research before deciding on what treatment is best for them - very smart of you!!

Hopefully some RealSelfers who have tried to make the same decision you are making will be able to share their experiences with you.

In the meantime, here is a Q&A that might be helpful to you:

Porcelain Veneers Vs Dental Crowns?

Also, you probably saw but we do have a Porcelain Veneers community, as well as a Lumineers community so there are lots of reviews to read and ask questions about in there. :)

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Thank you Megan! This has been quite a difficult procedure considering the language barrier in Korea, but all the info from doctors on RealSelf have really helped.
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So glad to hear that! When you get your procedure done please post a review so in a similar situation can find your story and learn from you. :)

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