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What Cream Should I Use to Make my Facial Skin Better?

  • nikki corea
  • india
  • 3 years ago 24 years old thin..i appear younger than my age.but concerned about my facial skin is dry..not very rough..but dry..i have got laugh line and line on problem is my facial skin looks dull ...uneven..till last month didnt hav any problem with acne pimple and all but i hav got few breakout becoz of oil massage i did earlier ...

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The issue that causes dull skin is that you have a layer of dead/dry skin on top. The skin underneath will be soft and should be glow-y. You'll want to exfoliate and moisturize - I use LuLu Blossom's sugar scrub melt because it exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. Plus, it smells like cupcake frosting. :)

LuLu's website is and she posts all about her products and upcoming expansion here:

Good luck!
Main reason behind your laugh wrinkles is that you have dry skin. Use a good moisturizer and nourishment cream. I would like to suggest you Elishea's rejuvenating cream which is a best moisturizing cream for dry skin. Apply it before going to sleep and leave it for whole night. Your skin will become moist and also it reduces your laugh wrinkles. Visit this website you will get more information about the products...
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