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I'm I crazy to go ahead with my tummy tuck with only two weeks of help when I have 2 year old twin boys?

  • Nervousnellymom
  • Newmarket, ON
  • 3 years ago

I am having my surgery on July 14th! The nerves are really starting to kick in now. I am 34, 5'4", and weight 124 pounds. I workout at least 5 days a week for two hours. I have been working hard to get my body back after having twin boys almost two years ago. I also have terrible stretch marks and a hernia that started with my daughter 5 years ago. I am really excited for the end result but so nervous about my kids. I am a stay at home mom so they are use to me running the show. I did have my mom willing to help for as long as needed but a few days ago she fell and fractured her neck (she will be ok in time). So she can no longer help! I have managed to get about 2 weeks of help bit after that I will mostly be on my own. Anyone of you had to take care of young kids after two weeks post-op? My twins are good climbers so I will give them step stools to get out and into their cribs and I plan to sit with them when they need some cuddle time. Any other advice? I'm I crazy to go ahead with the surgery?