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What to do while couting down... insomnia, fatigue... what are all these feelings???

  • tobenew
  • 3 years ago

Okay, I have my date finally, and I thought I would be relieved, which I am. But now, I'm so tired... I can't sleep. I'm a really busy person, I walsways have things to do and things on my mind, but I'm just very tired lately. Is this emotional fatigue or just being over 30 LOL. Not sure really... would like some insight. I just don't feel like myself, and nothing is wrong per say. My brother who doesn't know everything about my upcoming surgery did suggest I just have lost going on and that I just need to relax, maybe take the day off tomorrow, clear my head, and focus on being healthy before the surgery. IDK ladies is this normal??? Any insight would help.