Out of Country (travel) for Surgery

  • elainectoronto
  • 2 years ago

Hello there, I am currently living in Toronto, Canada.  After years of contemplation, I decided to get breast implants and a small tummy tuck.  Found a great plastic surgeon, Dr B. Pat Pazmino, in Miami and decided to go get my surgery there.  A good friend of mine lives in South beach, so with him taking care of me post-op seems convenient too.  His prices are about a quarter of the norm in Canada and has better reviews. Anyways, I plan to have the Surgery in September.  Because of work, I hope to arrive in Miami by plane on a Sunday, have surgery on Monday, and return to Toronto on Sunday and back to work on Monday.  The doctor advised 10 days, but I hope to take as little time as possible off.  The flight is about 4 hours.  My job is VP of sales, some walk around, but mostly office work. Has anyone traveled for Breast Implant Surgery and Tummy Tuck? Is a 7 day time frame realistic, or should I plan for more time? Any advice and input would be greatly Appreciated.   Thank you