Out of Country Augmentation?

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I currently live in Ontario, Canada and augmentation around here costs 8k and up. I have seen and heard that the price is significantly less in some states in the US-I've looked particularily at Miami. Can anyone recommend good surgeons in Florida? Or anywhere else that would be around 5k and under? Also, is it worth going out of country? Thank you in advance!

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going out of the country can save you money but there is also a risk that it will cost you everything. When undergoing a surgical procedure, you need to understand that there never is a guarantee that everything goes perfect and that there are no complications. No human is perfect, and no surgeon has a complication free practice. Complications can range from simple common things such as bleeding which can usually be treated well before it becomes dangerous, to more rare but much more dangerous complications such as blood clots. Should you end up int he ICU in a country like USA, your bills will get out of hand in a matter of days. If you travel to a less developed country, ask yourself... what happens if you end up in a local hospital in Costa Rica? Or Thailand? Ultimately the choice is yours but when patients see me, I usually suggest that they hold off on their surgery until they can afford it rather than risk everything to save a few thousand dollars.
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Thank you for your reply. I am really struggling on how to find a doctor. I feel that for every good review, a horror story review accompanies it! How did you choose a surgeon?
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The drawback with doing any surgery away from home is that you're not near the doctor for follow up care and and to take care of any complications that may arise. You also have to factor in travel expenses.

That said, you might want to connect with this RealSelf member who had a good experience with her breast aug in Miami. Here's another.

And here's a list of doctors who perform breast augmentation in Miami.

Please let us know what you decide to do! You can start your story here to get additional support and post your photos if you like and updates, too.

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