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Countering Wrinkle Effects of Minoxidil

  • Jack.S
  • 8 months ago

I use minoxidil to counter hair loss, but after 6 months of use I seem to be noticing wrinkles on my forehead. I have heard mixed things in regards to the side effects of minoxidil; that the chemical itself prevents collagen from being released, or that the alcohol that also forms part of the solution dries the skin. I am unsure if both, either or none is true - could you please offer any advice on products available that could counter this effect?

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Hey Jack! I just found some more people with your issue on RealSelf. Look in the 'comments' section at some of the postings. Hope this helps. Please let me know how you are doing. Thanks.
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I have just started using Rogaine. How is your skin now? Do you tilt your head back when applying? I have started wearing gloves for my hands because it seems to dry them out along with the frequent hand washing. Before using Rogaine my scalp was usually slightly oily 1 day after washing my hair, but now it is not, which I attribute to the Rogaine. If I tolerate the name brand well, I will try the generics to save $$$, but I have read that some people can 'tolerate' them better than others, as the 'carrier' base can be different from brand to brand. My forehead seems o.k. for now, but I usually have some kind of cream/sunscreen on it. Do you wear sunscreen? Please let me know how you are faring, as I am nervous to be trying this stuff. Thanks, Angela
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