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Cost of Matrix RF skin resurfacing?

  • ctgirlz
  • Connecticut
  • 5 years ago

Yes, I have already read numerous times "it varies". I get it. I am hoping that someone who has had it done can tell what they paid.

I would like to have a ballpark figure in mind, so I don't waste my time or the doctors time with a "consultation".

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The American Laser center in Maryland is charging $4000 for 4 treatments. I got a coupon for 70% off, so it was around $800. Normally it runs around $2500, but it is with "end-of-the-month" discount.
I had my second treatment this past Friday, 8.7.09 and I pay $500 per visit. I got a quote from a local surgeon at $2,666.00 for (5 treatments)and the money was due in full at the 1st treatment. Although, it's not that much of a big difference... I like having the freedom of have not having spend that much at once without knowning what to expect. I havent seen huge difference with my treatments - so it makes me feel better about paying as i go.