correction of hollow eyes?

  • auting82
  • 1 year ago

I got pretty severe under eye hollows after a sunburn which bothers me a lot since it has aged my face significantly. I have been researching solutions to this problem online and it seems like its 2 real options, either fillers like Restylane and juvederm or fat grafting. Fat rafting sounds to me like a more permanent solution to this problem then keep injecting fillers under eyes every 6 months to a year. Anyways, I came across Dr Brooke Seckels site where he explains technique of The Arcus Marginalis Release with Fat Grafting, where a whole piece of fat is taken from your body and placed under your eyes to fill the hollows.This is apparaently a better technique the fat injectables that some other surgeons use. Has anybody on the forum heard or knows anything about this type of procedure? Also has anyone here had any procedures done with Dr Seckel? I appreciate greately any relevant information.