How to correct post-blepharoplasty asymmetrical lower eyelids?

  • 2426anon
  • NJ
  • 4 years ago

I had upper/lower blepharoplasty with canthopexy on both eyes, and then underwent revision canthopexy twice on the left lower eyelid because it is hanging too low. Both revision attempts by my original surgeon were unsuccessful, and my most recent surgery was 6 months ago. I've since consulted with two oculoplastic surgeons: one is recommending revision blepharoplasty and canthoplasty on that eye, and the other says it is too soon to operate and recommends Restylane to lift the lower lid. I'd prefer a permanent fix, but heard that canthoplasty is risky and can lead to other problems. What should I do?

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I agree with the spacer idea. I have found that works quite well.
Update: This evening I had a follow-up consultation with the first oculoplastic surgeon. He now recommends a canthoplasty to pull down the outside corner of the left upper eyelid, and adding a lid spacer graft (Alloderm or BellaDerm) under the lower eyelid to boost it up. Does this approach make the most sense?
This could work quite well. A spacer would lift the eyelid up higher. Also sometimes releasing the muscles of the lower eyelid that pull the lid down (retractors) can give enough of a lift by itself. Since he or she saw you in person and had a better judge of what you look like it I would defer to them. Overall that approach would be expected to give a good result.