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Can I use copper peptides and derma roller on my scar?

  • cinnamonswirl
  • 1 year ago

Hello, I am 3 months post op from a Tummy Tuck scar revision. The first TT I had left me with a horrible red, thick horrible scar so after 5 years I decided to go for scar revison and I had my scar lowered by two inches also. I am now 3 months post op and my scar is starting to look very angry and is starting to raise and stretch slightly I am very worried. I have a derma roller and copper peptides plus super cop serum. Will this help my scar or make it worse? I wear a silicone belt 24/7 almost apart from the shower. Any help is much appreciated x

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I am thinking about the same. I'm 2 months post-op. I'll follow your post and see what happens, keep in mind the derma roller won't work on keloid scars and the silicone sheets can work so well! My surgeon told me to do a 2 day step: Day 1 mix Cortisone cream + Mederma and rub it sideways and Up and down on the scar, after it dries to tape it tight repeat 1 more day. Day 3 & 4: Silicone strips. It's working quite nicely for me :)
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Hi GabyE, Sounds good glad it seems to be working for you :) I am so worried that I will end up the same as last time! I hope I am wrong. I do think looking at my pics from the first incision at this timeframe 3 months post op the scarline now looks way better it looks more like my 9+ month pictures from before. I have done two treatments of the dermaroller as of today. I rub super cop cream into the area for two days and lacsal serum into it on the third day then silicone sheets 24/7 (except showering) then reapeat after a week from the first derma roll. I dont know if this method is correct but my scar looked much better right before the second treatment. Fingers crossed I will keep you posted and I will put up some pictures soon. Best of luck with your treatment and also keep me posted x
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Awesome. If you can, please let me know which type of derma roller you used. I just had my TT and it's a little scary to look at the long scar, I was really not ready for that... even though the Cortisone really seems to bring the red down and I am hoping the scar itself will flatten out soon. You know, after 3 big babies I decided for a mommy makeover! BTW, I looked at your photos and I think your scar is looking phenomenal, and I didn't see any dog ears either :)
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