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How do I cope with the removal process

  • Bt83100
  • 2 months ago

This all started when I was around 17 or 18. I was always a fun and funny person to be around. Then some unfortunate things started happening in my life around me. One of the main ones being my parents divorce. This lead to drug use and obviously tattoos. Time passed and I realized this wasn't who I was. Long story short I'm just starting the removal process on both my forearms and hands. I really want to change my life, I even quit doing drugs. This has just been the most emotionally scarring experience of my life. There has just been countless awkward experiences with my closest friends and I don't even know who I am anymore. I guess the hardest part is knowing I have to look at them for years to come while I get them slowly removed....

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Hi there. I am in a similar situation yourself and i also have a full sleeve that i have been in the process of removing for a while now and by removing a large area such as your forearm and hand, you can expect swelling to last anywhere between a week to 2 weeks (depending on your skin type) the whole area that has been treated is very fragile, you can't really be in the sun for about a week cause it just burns your skin when it hits the sun. But i would say the hardest part of the treatment to cope with is the swelling as it limits you to what you can and can't do. Generally after 1 week you should be back to your normal self again. Need any more info just ask.
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