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Has Anyone Used a Cooling Mask After Facelift?

  • kidhal
  • lacey, washington
  • 2 years ago

Considering facelift and and saw an add for a cooling mask thatis placed after surgery that improves healing and pain control. Has anyone used one? What other options ?

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i had this device which was put on straight after my surgery and left on for at least 12 hours. I did have very little swelling, and i didn't find it uncomfortable at all..the hospital in London provided it. I think for maximum effect it needs to be put on straight after the op.
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I am scheduled for a facelift in mid December and am also considering this device (Auqua cool). It is expensive, so I would like some feedback from others before renting it. Also, am curious if the icing starts right after the procedure or on the following day after the large "helmet" bandage comes off.
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