Coolcurve + and Thighs?

  • Ibagoalie
  • 1 year ago

I understand that the new handpiece, Coolcurve+ is now actually available. I'm going to ask my doctor when she plans on getting one, but wanted to hear if anyone out there has used this attachment for both inner and outer thighs? If you have, I'm guessing it's too soon to see results, but I'm curious if the handpiece got a good grip on the thigh area, specifically the outer. Thanks, Meg

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I used the cool curve on my inner thighs in August so I'm still waiting for results but it seemed to grab the fat really well. The majority of my bothersome inner thigh fat was up higher near my butt and wrapped around the back of my leg. It's been just over a month since I had that done.
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thanks for the info. I actually just had my inner thighs done, but instead of the coolcurve +, she used the new coolfit, which is long and rectangular. She attached it from groin down towards the knee. It sucked up lots of fat! I'll be curious to see how yours comes out. I am going to post my review soon and followup with monthly pics.
Interesting. The cool curve was placed horizontally on my just because that's how my fat was oriented... The pics on my eight week show my inner thigh results at four weeks but I will post more soon.