Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq vs. Vellashape

  • Karina O
  • montreal, QC
  • 3 years ago

Hello, I am considering doing cellulite treatment and non surgical fat reduction. Which one is more efficient: Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq or Vellashape treatment? Also, what is the best place to do it in Montreal? Thanks

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Coolsculpting vs Velashape - sort of an apples and oranges question. Coolsculpting is approved and used for non-surgical fat removal. Velashape is used for cellulite treatment. Both are effective but for different things. In Canada other options for non-surgical fat removal include Ultrashape and Liposonix (both not FFDA approved yet)
Thank you very much for your response.
I have difficulty finding the Coolsculpting clinic in Montreal area. Could you please recommend one?
Thank you