How do I convince them? I'm so worked up.

  • Caitlin in Florida
  • 2 years ago

I've hated my nose all my life-it is the only problem I've ever had. I have been picked on horribly since I was young, but never told my parents. What could be done about it? The could get the children to stop (And even know, the individuals in my high school) but that wouldn't help me, because the issue would still be there-the nose. I have my fathers nose-it's strong, wide, and very long. While it looks wonderful on his manly face, it looks AWFUL and so out of place on mine. I have a small, young, delicate face, from what I've been told-the nose throws it all off. I think about my nose from the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to sleep. I think about it when ever talking with friends, or strangers, and try to hide it. If someone sits on my side, I turn to face them so they can't see the profile, which is awful. I cannot stand it, and it makes my life hell. I am not 'over reacting' or anything of the like, it prevents me from being happy. I mentioned this to my mother last month, and she screamed that I'm being shallow, I'm beautiful, so on. Keep in mind, she has a beautiful small nose. I do not want my nose hacked off, or a strangers nose. I would KEEP MINE-I would only simply shorten it a bit, so the profile matches my face. That's all. I'm eighteen years old, and going to be attending college out of state, starting the summer. I would love, so much, to get this done right after graduation (may 26) and before summer classes start (June 19). Yet my parents refuse. I would pay for it, but it would completly destroy all my savings, and the little I have. This is ruining my life, and I know how awful it will affect me in college. My parents keep saying I'm crazy, but I cry so badly in front of them, in so much emotional pain, and they just say, 'No' and walk away. How can I convince them? I cannot do this anymore, I can't take this. I want to be happy again, and this is the only thing holding me back. Please help, I can't live like this any longer. Here is some pictures of my nose...   I'm the one on the left... The one on the right (Side view)