Conventional or Alternative therapy???

  • AuroraSoleil
  • 2 years ago

I was wondering if there are any women out there willing to share their stories about alternative or integrative therapies? I have heard from many that have done chemo and now on tamoxifen, but I really want to know about the others.  (Although if you had chemo still please feel free to share).   On April 9th I had a bilateral skin-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction, I also had 17 lymph nodes removed on the left side with one being positive, 42 years old, BRC1, and ER+/PR-, so my oncologist said that I need to do chemo and tamoxifen for 5 years due to being high risk for reoccurrence.  I am supposed to get a full hysterectomy as well to remove the ovaries because those with BRCA1 have a 60-80% chance of getting ovarian cancer. He did say that would be extremely helpful.  However, with everything that I am and what I represent, my intuition tells me that this is not for me and so I am now reading up on alternative therapies.  However, I really feel it would be helpful to hear about others and their journey with this.   Thank you so much in advance.....I am really having a difficult time choosing on which way to go. I don't want to be naive so I am trying to inform myself as much as positive to make a well informed decision.  I have a daughter and my beloved companion animals to think of, they count on me as much as I count on them for healing. <3

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Good morning AuroraSoleil,

First things have a full plate and I admire your attitude with respect to advocating for yourself. You have many important decisions to make. Are you comfortable with the care team you have chosen? Trusting your physicians when discussing your options will insure that you make the best choices for yourself. Since you are considering alternative/integrative treatment,  consult with a physician who has a specialty in that area. It is always a good idea to have all your physicians partner with one another so that all are on the same page.

When you are fully aware of your options, you will make the right decisions. Hoping you have emotional supprt from family and is an important part of your treatment. Please know that we are all here to support you in your journey.

xo, Beverly