Why do you continue to harm your face?

  • lmlm
  • 10 months ago

Bad results are almost always because people decide to save money and do the chemical peels at home. Are you a Chemist Biologist, Physician ,Nurse or Medical Esthetician? Probably not. Professionals have been trained as to what and how to do CHEMICAL PEELS and the aftercare that is needed. There are a million different types of chemical compounds on the market and they all react differently on various skin types and skin issues. This is not to say that a professionally applied peel cant have a bad outcome but the difference is that the professional can counteract the negative effects by knowing how to treat it properly and have it heal. Most chemical peels that are purchased online are knock off peels that look like (packaging wise) to the real thing and are made in the orient just like the fake Prada or Gucci bags you all buy. Who actually can guarantee that when you buy that 60% glycolic or lactic or salacylic or vitalize or whatever that that is actually what is in the bottle. Its your skin , your face its worth it to take care of it properly and make the investment in a professional. After all your face is the first thing people see and unfortunately judge you by. Ive seen too many "messed up" faces from these online peels. Professionals will NOT help you or touch your face when you have had a chemical peel mistake. Simple reason being this, its not that they dont care but if they cant FIX your problem you will SUE them. So do your research ,save your pennies and get these things done by licenced insured professionals.