How many of you have contemplated having a second (or more) procedure now that you are having your BR?

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  • 2 years ago

Well, now that I've made the decision to go full steam ahead with my BR, I've actually been thinking about a second procedure, this one on my face.  I have inherited, from my Dad's family, kind of unattractive 'bags' under my eyes.  My aunt used to say hers were 'packed and ready to go'... Well, as I get older, almost worse than the bags is the fact that I have these really dark circles under the eyes, too, in what's commonly called the 'tear trough area'.  I have especially noticed over the past year that it's harder and harder to erase those blue-black grooves, no matter what concealer I use.  The PS that I am going to is just one of the doctors at the Princeton Rejuvenation Institute, and there are other docs there that do filler injections to areas like under the eye.  I know that if I talked to my husband about it, he would say to go ahead and look into it, and I see that the average cost for the Restylane injections is less than $1,000, so the cost isn't really a deterrent.  Am I going PS crazy, or what??  Do you guys think I am getting a bit carried away?  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I will be turning 60 on April 7th??  Probably!! Comments?  What do you guys think??   ***  BTW, the picture in my profile was taken in 1975 - you can see the grooves starting to take shape already!!  

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Thanks for your replies! I did some further research on the Restylane (filler) injections, and decided I'll stay the way I am - unlike the WORTH IT rating here at 94%, on that forum, the percent is low - I forget now, either around 50 or 60%, and many women have had complications. No thank you! Now, maybe a tummy tuck.... ;)
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Hi, Jacquie. I think it would be very easy to get addicted to plastic surgery. I'm going in for lipo to my breasts at the end of the month and I'm considering talking to him about doing my belly too. But then I worry that if I get my belly done I'll probably want something else done and where will I be willing to stop. I don't know how I feel about that. Will be anxious to see what others think too!
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I had the same thoughts!! I actually initially thought I would for sure get the reduction and lip around my waist. I am very tiny, but I tend to gain all my weight around my tummy. As a simply practical issue pants never fit me :( They are either baggy everywhere or pinch my tummy! At any rate, I found that all but one doctor told me I didn't need it. I decided they were probably right!
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