How many of you have contemplated having a second (or more) procedure now that you are having your BR?

  • Just Jacquie
  • Central New Jersey
  • 2 years ago

Well, now that I've made the decision to go full steam ahead with my BR, I've actually been thinking about a second procedure, this one on my face.  I have inherited, from my Dad's family, kind of unattractive 'bags' under my eyes.  My aunt used to say hers were 'packed and ready to go'... Well, as I get older, almost worse than the bags is the fact that I have these really dark circles under the eyes, too, in what's commonly called the 'tear trough area'.  I have especially noticed over the past year that it's harder and harder to erase those blue-black grooves, no matter what concealer I use.  The PS that I am going to is just one of the doctors at the Princeton Rejuvenation Institute, and there are other docs there that do filler injections to areas like under the eye.  I know that if I talked to my husband about it, he would say to go ahead and look into it, and I see that the average cost for the Restylane injections is less than $1,000, so the cost isn't really a deterrent.  Am I going PS crazy, or what??  Do you guys think I am getting a bit carried away?  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I will be turning 60 on April 7th??  Probably!! Comments?  What do you guys think??   ***  BTW, the picture in my profile was taken in 1975 - you can see the grooves starting to take shape already!!