Not Sure About Consultation w/ Ortho, Need Some Input...

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Hi everyone, my first post. I went to the Ortho in DC to consult about getting invisalign and after coming back I feel like the treatment proposed was not personalize/customized to me, but rather the standard invisalign they offer each patient. I had my pictures taken, etc. by the assistant and very shortly, probably like max 5 minutes after it was uploaded in the computer, the ortho sat down with me and had the proposed treatment schedule set already. It was for an 18 month plan. My teeth are a gap & spacing issue, and from reading the forums it seems this issue should not be the length? The quoted price for treatment I received was for $6,000+. Also what struck me was how I was told the office was booked for appointments for months ahead but when it was time to schedule to set my next appointment to have the computerized images of my teeth sent to invisalign, I was given opening dates I could schedule for everyday the office was open for the month.. Would love some advice, thanks

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Yeah, the average cost is showing $4,700. You can click on the Invisalign Cost and it will open a map so you can see what people in your area have reported they paid. That might be helpful to make sure you are in the ballpark price wise. :)

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Thanks Megan,
I went to another dentist/ortho and they gave me $5,000+ for a full treatment for about a year. I might try a third ortho
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Have you considered going to another office or two for an additional opinions? Getting a second opinion before deciding on treatment certainly couldn't hurt anything.

You can also post your pictures and question in the Q&A section and the dentists that volunteer on the site could give you their thoughts.

Hopefully some other community members who have had treatment with similar gap & spacing issues will chime in and share their experiences also. :)

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