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Only had one consultation for my tummy tuck.

  • sweetness32
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 3 years ago

Ok so Im new to this. I have read and read a lot of stories on here. I was wondering if the fact that I only had one consultation and booked my tummy tuck for july 5th. Who recommends more than one consultaion. It's wierd I new it was the place for me. But in the last couple of weeks ive had unexpected family issues and my trust for anyone as flown out the window. And now Im second guessing. I still want my tummy tuck been dreaming of it for eight years now. I dont know if I should postpone it or just do it. Anyone go thru any similar feelings? I would like to here some words of encouragement. Im now questioning if I should have more onsultations. My ps consult was fast. Did anyone get a mini mental. I didn't. Is that bad?