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Consultation I'm getting nervous!

  • Sinderella414
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • 3 years ago

I'm 46 years old, mother of 2, I'm finally going to go for a consult to get rid of the stretch marks I've hated since 1982! I'm excited by worried about taking the time off work. My 30 yr highschool reunion is on April 1st - sure hope I'm healed enough to go and enjoy it!

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Well, all of my excitement was for nothing. The doctor told me that because of my torso being so short I can't get rid of enough of my stretch marks to make getting a tt worth while. He said I still wouldn't be able to wear a two piece bathing suit and would only be trading a small amount of my stretch marks for the hip to hip horizontal scar and also a vertical scar because he couldn't even get rid of my old belly button hole.

Needless to say, I'm devastated. I've waited almost 30 years to be able to get rid of my stretch that I can finally afford it, it's never going to happen.
I've created a blog on blogspot to post all my feelings, etc. throughout my journey. The address is: My blog is called "I wanna be a princess" ha ha!

I made my first entry today. I'm sure I'll have another after my appointment today.

I plan on posting here, too, but I will probably be more "raw" on the blog and more professional on this site.
Wow, I never thought I looked my age until I saw the pictures I've just taken of my "problem areas" to post on this site.

How come I don't think I look this bad when I look in the mirror? Oh my!!!!!
Oh I remember so well! The whole process takes over your life for a while. Totally understand that :).

I also worried a bit about dying but excitement quickly erased that thought. Everything in life comes with risks so we can't live in fear and with regret. Getting in your car every morning is a big risk yet we do it. And most days drive without even thinking. Now that is scary!

You will be fine and happy in the end. If you are healthy and go into this educated all will turn out well.
Four hours until my appointment...seems I can't think of anything but my tt.

I'm at work, and should be working, but all I can manage to do is keep looking at before and after pictures!!!

Let us know how the consult goes.  Do you have your list of questions all ready for the doctor?
Yes, I've made a list of everything that comes to mind while I'm reading other people's reviews and looking at all the pictures. I go between feeling totally scared and wondering "what the heck am I thinking" to "arrrggghhhh I wish they could just do the surgery tomorrow!!!" ha ha!

I think my biggest fear is dying. I know the chance is pretty nil...but when you're a wife, a mother and a grand mother... the thought doing that to your family for something so unnecessary and vain is really hard.