Consultation Questions

  • Branlea
  • Dallas, TX
  • 3 years ago

Hi ladies! I am having my first consultation for a breast lift, tummy tuck, and lipo on my inner thighs April 5th. I was wondering if anyone had good questions to ask (beyond the basics like certifications, costs, ect). Any questions looking back that you wished you had known to ask? I want to be as informed as possible!

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Thank you ladies for your input. I met with the first doctor on my list on the 5th. He said he would do the TT and breast lift but no lipo on my thighs as it would be too much to do at a time. I know several ladies on here have had more than that done so I guess it's each doctor's preference. He also said I would have 5 drains and no pain pump! He does however include the garments in his fee. I will meet with a few more doctors before making any decisions.

Ask if your surgeon uses drains and a pain pump!

You definitely want to ask about supplements to help reduce swelling and if the PS will have you wearing a binder/garment of some sorts... also if you will need blood test or physical done and things like that!