Consultation with Dr. Jimerson March 6th: Would Love an Earlier Date if Anyone is Looking to Swap

  • FancyParis
  • Atlanta
  • 1 year ago

Hello I'm schedule for a consultation with Dr. J in Alanta on March 6. Looking for a sooner date. Where I could have my surgery for BBL  late Febuary earlier march. Anyone thinking about canceling I would love to swap or take your date if it's sooner. Thanks

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Ok ladies Im really excited but nervous. I had to reschedule my consult with Dr. Okoro for next friday. Is there anything I should be taking in advance?? I currently take vitamin B complex w/Vitamin C, Biotin and Fish oil pills...??

Hi there, welcome!

Does Dr. Jimerson have a cancellation list you can go on? It's probably a long shot, but worth a try if he does!


yes He does. I was put on that. Also since im a cash paying customer i got a soon date which is march. But thank a lot!